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    • Development Management


      GFConsulting has extensive experience in the development management of projects. The principals, through affiliated entities have undertaken the development of a variety of projects where they have provided consultancy and construction services.

      These services have mainly included the following:

        • development identification
        • feasibility preparation and proposal
        • finance procurement
        • site acquisition
        • project needs and design development
        • construction management
        • sales and leasing strategy and management
        • settlement management
        • overall financial management and reporting to stakeholders

      Notable Projects Include:


        12 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove  4 Strata Hi-tech Units
        19 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove  3 Strata Hi-Tech Units
        Lot 5 Potter Close Wetherill Park  10 Strata Office/warehouse Units
        Lot 119 Jedda Rd Hoxton Park  7 Strata Office/Warehouse Units
        9 Ponderosa Parade Warriewood  7 Strata Factory Units
        9A Ponderosa Parade Warriewood  8 Strata Factory Units/50 strata storage units
        5-7 Prosperity Parade Warriewood  14 Strata Office/Warehouse Units


        1 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove  19 strata Office Suites
        20 Barcoo St East Roseville  18 Office Suites/ 10 Warehouse Units


        109 Gray Rd Hill End  12 Town Houses/Apartments
        299 Oldbury Rd Moss Vale  Prestige Rural Estate including Main Home Guest House/Barn and infrastructure


        Sutton Forest Inn  Refurbishment of Existing Hotel and DA for 75 accommodation units including┬  conference facilities.

      Residential Subdivision

        55 Fleurs Rd Blacktown  17 Lot Subdivision

    • Industrial


      GFConsulting has extensive experience in the design and construction industrial projects from small factory complexes to large warehouses typically in the range of 2000-20000 m2.

      The majority of the projects have been designed and constructed using the tilt-up method of construction.

      Our design philosophy has been to provide an economical structure utilizing the structural advantages of tilt-up walls and keeping the building process efficient.

      Some of the notable projects include the following:

      ┬ Design and Construction

        5-7 Prosperity Parade Warriewood  14 Office/Warehouse Units

        9-11 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove  13 Hi-tech Units

        12 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove  4 Hi-tech Units

        77-79 Bourke Rd Alexandria  20 Office/Warehouse Units

        23 Bowden St Alexandria  13 Office/Warehouse Units

        9 Ponderosa Parade Warriewood 8 Factory Units/ 58 Storage Units

        Lot 5 Potter Close Wetherill Park 10 Office Warehouse Units

        13-15 Burrows Rd St Peters  10 Office/Warehouse Units


        7 Ponderosa Parade Warriewood Office/Warehouse

        Lot 8 & 9 Resolution Drive Caringbah 12 Office/Warehouse Units

        58 Box Rd Taren Point  25 Office/Warehouse Units

        Lot 35 Hartley Rd Smeaton Grange 21 Office/Warehouse Units

        Chifley St Smithfield  8000 m2 Office/Warehouse

        Lot 13 & 14 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove┬  Office/Warehouse

        Lot 65 Nealdon Drive Meadowbank Office/Warehouse

    • Commercial


      GFConsulting has been involved in the design and construction of numerous commercial projects.

      The projects have utilized different construction types in structural framing and external facades that have typically included conventional formed concrete floors, post tensioned floors, ultra floor and bondek. The external facades have been a combination of light weight framing using f.c sheeting fixed to steel framing, curtain wall glazing, tilt-up wall panels and other fa├žade treatments.

      Our design philosophy has been to provide various options to preferred architectural treatment with economical design that is simple to construct.

      Some of the notable projects include the following:

      ┬ Design and Construction

        1 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove  15 Office Units

        20 Barcoo St East Roseville  26 Office/warehouse units refurbishment of existing building

        1 Baupame St Moorebank  Multi-level Office constructed over existing building

        26-32 Archerfield Darra  Multi-level Office constructed within an existing high clearance warehouse




    • Tilt Up

      TILT-UP CONSTRUCTION                                                                            Project List

      GFConsulting designed the tallest tilt-up panels in Australia at 20m high

      GFConsulting and its principals have long been associated with the tilt-up method of construction.
      Our experience and expertise using tilt-up and precast design and construct solutions puts us ahead of most of our competitors. Our comprehensive experience and knowledge in design, construction and development management of projects has given us a heightened appreciation of what the client needs, enabling seamless interpretation and delivery of cost effective solutions

      The principals of GF Consulting first became involved in the development of tilt-up in Australia in the early 1980’s as a consultant and builder. Since this time the principal through affiliated construction entities and consultancies has designed and constructed numerous projects.

      Tilt-up Construction which is a method that involves casting concrete panels on site and erecting them with mobile cranes has been successfully utilized throughout Australia and New Zealand since the early 1980’s

      Tilt-up construction has a wide application but is most successfully applied to the following range of projects.

        • industrial buildings including factory units and warehouses
        • commercial buildings up to 4 stories
        • bulky goods centres
        • shopping  centres
        • school buildings
        • sport facilities
        • churches
        • two storey townhouse and multi-unit residential
        • motels and resorts
        • retaining walls

      Advantages of tilt-up technology that can be utilized if experienced consultants and contractors are engaged include:

        • concrete tilt walls have excellent load bearing capacities
        • concrete tilt-up walls offer excellent fire proofing and sound attenuation qualities
        • can be fast an easy way of building
        • can invariably be most economical way of construction
        • good architectural versatility with shapes and finishes
        • experienced contractors and hardware suppliers readily available as well as mobile cranes and concrete ready mix plants




    • Domestic


      GFC has undertaken the design and construction of several residential projects including single dwellings and multi dwelling projects.

      The principals have undertaken the design of numerous prestige homes in Northern Suburbs of Sydney including extensions and additions.

      Some of the notable projects include the following:

      Design and Construction

      109 Gray Rd Hill End 12 town house/apartment project with underground car park

      Alberto St Lilyfield 14 townhouse including underground car park

      Oldbury Rd Moss Vale  Large prestige home/guest house/barn on 100 acre block


    • Other


      GFC have been involved in the design and construction of shopping centres, bulky good complexes, churches, schools and other structures.

      Some of the notable projects include the following:

      Design and Construction

      Cnr Lone Pine Ave/Mitchell Rd Orange  9000m2 Bulky Retail┬  Complex

      Canterbury Rd Bankstown  5000m2 Bulky Retail Complex

      Cnr Meurants Lane and Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown┬  Sikh Community Church


      Cnr Lone Pine Ave/Mitchell Rd Orange  3500 m2 Retail Complex


  • Services


    GFConsulting provides the following consulting services to its clients:

    Structural Design including:

      • Preliminary structural engineering advice
      • Detailed structural design engineering design  and documentation including reinforced concrete structural steel and timber
      • Site inspections
      • Structural Certifications
      • Structural Reports

    Design and Project/Construction Management

      • Preparation of concept designs
      • Preliminary and detailed project costing
      • Appointment and management of expert consultants
      • Liaising with Local Authorities to obtain relevant approvals
      • Complete Project/Construction Management of Project

    Other Speciality Services

      • Feasibility Analysis
      • Development Memorandums
      • Development Management
      • Tilt-up construction panel design and shop detailing


    GF Consulting provide a wide range of consultancy services in structural design and project management with many other specialist areas including: -

    • Site investigations and certifications of unauthorised building works/applications, pre-sale building inspections and reports.
    • Site inspections and structural design for building license applications for patios, retaining walls, screen walls, additions and renovations.
    • Concrete design and installation certifications for all pools.
    • Structural design services undertaking preliminary and final design documentation for:-
      • residential
      • commercial 
      • industrial buildings.
    • Preliminary construction costing
    • Detailed costing for residential and commercial projects.
    • Specialist tilt-up design consultancy including concept through to final structural documentation including tilt-up lifting design and shop detailing.

    GF Consulting invites you to call on our wealth of knowledge and expertise so that we can mutually expedite good design and documentation giving you innovative, cost effective and practical solutions. If GF Consulting can be of service, please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your needs and how we can be of assistance. We welcome the opportunity to provide proposals to your company or your clients with the view to building excellent relationships that provide a value driven service built on solid experience and expert management. Looking forward to meeting with you in the near future.

    Richard A. O. Field



  • About
    • About


      GFConsulting provides consultancy services in structural design, project management and other specialist services

      GFC’s experience and expertise is clearly defined in the projects its principals have been involved in over the past 35 years..Our expertise has developed from the hands on experience in design and construction especially in the industrial and commercial fields with an emphasis on tilt-up construction.

      GFC understands the importance of the commercial approach to the design and project management of projects providing the necessary skills and service to achieve the aims and expectations of its clients, through our experience as designers, project and development managers.

      We are able to work on all sizes of projects from small homes to large residential, commercial and industrial projects to optimise the important factors such as cost and time.

      It is our dedication to understanding our clients requirements and objectives and to provide them with innovative and responsible solutions while delivering a quality tailored service.

    • Consultants

      Richard Field

      Structural Engineer
      Bachelor of Civil Engineering ( Auckland University New Zealand
      Licenced Builder in NSW
      30 years industry experience

      Specific sector competence in structural engineering, project management and property development with particular emphasis on commercial and industrial projects
      Detailed experience in all aspects of design, project and development management

      Richard has over 30 years experience in the consulting engineering, construction and property development industry.

      On completion of his degree in New Zealand and working for a Auckland Municipal Council as a structural engineer he moved to Australia in 1979 and obtained a position as project engineer for Transfield in Port Kembla mainly working on small projects at the BHP Steelworks.

      He joined MacDonald Wagner & Priddle a large multi-disciplinary consulting firm as a structural engineer in materials handling between1980-1982. He was involved in the structural design of large steel structures for Coal Collieries, Power Stations and Grain Handling complexes. Major projects included Clutha Coal Colliery, Lithgow Coal Colliery, Glebe Grain Handling Terminal Upgrade, Bayswater Power station, Tomago Smelter and Mt Thorley Pit Head Facilities.

       During the period 1982-1984 he was involved in the development of Tilt-up Construction in NSW with a company called Advanced Building Systems. During this period he worked with architects, engineers and builders/developers and was involved in the promotion and technical development of the Tilt-Up building system in Australia.

      In 1984 he formed a construction company with partners to offer a design and construction service specializing mainly in tilt-up industrial type projects. The company carried a subcontract business that undertook the construction of tilt-up panels. He oversaw the design and design management of the majority of projects as well as project managing several projects during this period. The company designed and constructed over 30 major projects in this period for clients including owner occupiers and developers.

      In 1987 he departed the partnership to pursue an interest in property development and joined Leda Holdings a leading public listed property development/investment company as acquisition/development manager in the industrial division of the organization. Leda was the major industrial developer in NSW and Richard responsible for identifying several large industrial projects and project/development managing them. These projects included numerous large strata industrial projects at Seven Hills, Smithfield, Alexandria which totalled some 40,000 m2 of space.

      In 1991 Richard re-established himself in the construction industry in the depth of the recession and started back in the design and construction market. During the period of 1991-2000 the company Richard Field & Associates undertook the design and construction of numerous industrial, commercial and other types of projects for clients. His role was to manage the process of design and construction in association with engineers and construction personnel employed by the company.

      In 2000 the emphasis moved to solely design and construction/development projects under our own umbrella in our own right and in association with select partners. Numerous development projects were undertaken between 2000-2005 which were mainly industrial/commercial type projects.

      During 2005 Richard and his family moved to the Southern Highlands from Sydney for a change in location and lifestyle. He still commuted to Sydney to manage projects which the company was involved in. In 2005 he acquired a Hotel to develop into a resort and other development/construction opportunities in the Southern Highlands
      Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise which is very much “hands on “in structural engineering, construction and development. This provides our clients with access to sound advice from experience in our speciality areas.

      Dianne Gale

      Diploma of Education (111) Melbourne University
      20 years experience in the industry

      Specific sector of competence is in the administration and the day to day
      financial and accounts management, advertising and marketing.          

      Other areas Dianne is involved in includes the property development of projects especially in layout
      design and interior design of residential projects

      Dianne brings a wealth in knowledge in administration, interior design/fit out and a      competent advertising and marketing consultant.   

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