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We have some of the best structural engineers in Perth, who have an in-depth understanding of construction, design and constriction components of homes in Perth. Each one is highly qualified and is capable of providing the required design and documentation for all new structures as well as the improvement of any existing ones.



Commercial /Industrial

GF Consulting

Our services include design and documentation of new structures and for the refurbishment of old properties. Here are a couple of more services we offer:
• Investigate wind and soil classification
• We provide feedback on additions, extensions, wall removals and alternations
• Examine and provide an assessment of multi-story buildings
• Retaining and screen walls
• Multi-use areas like sheds, patios and gazebos
• Provide structural and civil standard details
• Onsite consultation during the construction process
• Pool relocation certification

Get the required certification needed for building license

commercial / industrial

Professional commercial structural engineering services.

Project Management

latest technological advancements and construction techniques.


GF Consulting was established over 35 years ago and has developed over the years with hands-on experience in the industry. We are result-oriented and are driven to achieve the best results for our clients. After all, our goal is to ensure that you, as our client is more than satisfied with the outcome. Our company’s experience spans commercial, industrial and residential sectors with an emphasis on mainly tilt-up construction.

Why Choose Our Structural Engineers in Perth?

We are amongst the leading structural engineers in the industry. When you hire us, you are dealing with local personnel, who have an in-depth knowledge of structural and civil engineering. Our team consists of some of the best, most qualified structural engineers, who are open, friendly and honest. We assure clients of practical and affordable solutions which are tailored specifically to their needs.
We also have some of the best consulting engineers, who are amongst the leading civil and structural engineering experts. The fact that we only have experts working for us has made us the top choice for many residential, commercial and municipal projects.
Here are a few more reasons to choose us:


Seasoned Professionals : We have a handpicked team who has decades of experience being directly responsible for our numerous projects over the years. They ensure an efficient and streamlined approach to any project.

Better Solutions : We know how to handle building costs, and offer a cost-effective solution that works for everyone.
Prompt and Efficient : We strive to meet our clients’ expectations in terms of the timeline as well as expectations.
Competitive Pricing : We promise value for money with our competitive pricing.

Excellent Boutique Customer Service

As building consultants, we know that customer service matters a great deal. Our boutique customer service, combined with our engineering expertise for large and small scale projects ensure that we always have your back.
Our team is with you from the time the design process starts to the final documentation and required certification to get a building license application. Every structural engineer on our team works to the highest standards ensuring that every project is completed promptly.

Foundations, Ground Slabs and Footings

We specialise in designing foundation systems to suit many different applications. Additionally, we have experience with multi-story and single-story buildings. Regardless, of the soil type, our geotechnical team will assess your site to find the best solution for your building.

How Do Things Work?

One of the reasons why we have been extremely successful over the years is the fact that we know specific details and also understand the specifics of what you want to achieve. Our team includes some of the most mature and highly experienced professionals who have the required skillset to meet if not exceed your goals. Furthermore, we have a diverse range of sub-contractors and consultants who will keep in contact with you throughout the duration of the project.
The contractors include:


Geotechnical engineers


Building surveyors


Building certifiers


Energy assessment consultants

Our professionals will sit with you to understand what you need, and then apply their experience to offer a simple and yet cost-efficient solution. Plus, our structural documentation provided is very easy to understand and consequently use

Great team

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We are one of the leading structural engineers in Perth for one reason; we care about our clients. That’s why we work hard and have the best team that helps examine structures, offer advise and required designs. Call us today and allow our experienced team of structural engineers to help you.


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