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GF Consulting is one of the most experienced and professional commercial structural engineering services.

Experienced and Professional Commercial Structural Engineers in Perth

GF Consulting is one of the most experienced and professional commercial structural engineering services. We provide documentation certification and design services that cater to a myriad of industries from commercial to industrial, residential and even infrastructure projects.
Our experience extends to designing for many major retail structures, industrial projects, numerous multi-story hotels, luxury housing and various quality Class 2 apartments. In addition, we also offer refurbishments and can help people if they need to add a few extra floors to their existing home, provide the required design. We also provide reports needed for the demolishing of all existing structures.
We focus on ensuring that each project is carried out safely, is structurally sound with contingencies in place, as well as offer the most practicality based on our clients’ needs.

Structural Engineering for Commercial Projects

We have a lot of experience using the latest technological advancements and construction techniques. As commercial construction engineering consultants, we know that the speed of a construction project is critical to ensuring that costs can be reduced. At the same time, designs need to be adaptable so that they suit the contractor’s preferences.
Our team understands the often tricky balance we need to identify between functionality, aesthetics and cost, which is critical to just about every construction engineering project. Every member of our team understands the need to work with clients and their consultants or contractors through every stage of the project. Commercial engineering is tricky, to say the least, because all parties need to be considered and managed. Fortunately, we know exactly how to communicate what is required and ensure the right balance of structural designs that are tailored to the project and cost-effectiveness.

A Versatile Team of Commercial Structural Engineers in Perth

We have a truly versatile team of consulting engineers who have a lot of experience in many different types of commercial projects across Perth and Australia in general. Our scope of services includes just about everything a commercial building project will require, which include a forensic investigation and detailed designs.
We can also help project owners and managers determine the best way to fix errors early on. So, you can be assured of having the very best minds behind you to ensure that things never go wrong.


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Commercial Building Services

We provide structural and commercial building design services

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Worked on some major projects including high rise buildings and major infrastructure projects

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We are the company of choice for businesses that need us to consult on large projects.

Cost-Effective Structural Engineering

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for professional commercial, industrial engineering.


We are the leading commercial structural engineers in Perth because our team is the most experienced, and we leave nothing to chance. Regardless of the size or type of your commercial project, we can help you! Contact us today to find out more.


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